Releasing March 2024

by J. Miguel Ferreira

One book, four editions.
Text and Photography
Book & Bottle Edition
Presented in an elegant 30 x 21 cm (12 x 8 in) hardcover format, "Spirit of Spirits – A Journey Through Scotland's Whisky" boasts 456 pages and features 246 captivating images. This exquisite edition will be available in March 2024, offering readers a visually immersive and informative experience.
Special Inclusion: This limited edition includes a 20cl bottle of Deanston Cask Strength Single Malt finished in a Genevan red wine cask by Geneva independent bottlers Muse Malts, adding a delightful sensory dimension to the exploration of Scotland's whisky culture.
Pre-Order Information: Secure your copy by pre-ordering exclusively from our esteemed partner spirits shop in Geneva, "La Cave des Poètes."
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Text and Photography
Fine-Art Edition
Indulge in the luxury of "Spirit of Spirits – A Journey Through Scotland's Whisky," presented in a high-quality 30 x 21 cm (12 x 8 in) hardcover format. With 456 pages and an array of 246 black and white images, this edition promises a genuinely enticing exploration of Scotland's whisky culture.
Availability: Scheduled for release in March 2024, this exclusive edition is available to order. Please note that this edition operates on a print-on-demand basis, ensuring each copy is meticulously produced to meet the highest standards.
Order Information: To secure your copy, place your order starting March 2024 through our contact form. Stay tuned for ordering instructions and access to this unique print-on-demand edition.
Text and Photography
Budget-Friendly Edition
Explore the essence of Scotland's whisky culture with the "Spirit of Spirits" Text and Photography Budget-Friendly Edition. Encased in a practical 21 x 30 cm (8 x 12 in) hardcover format, this edition comprises 456 pages enriched with 246 images.
Affordable Exploration: Scheduled for release in March 2024, this budget-friendly edition is tailored for enthusiasts seeking an economical yet enriching journey into the world of Scotch whisky.
Availability: Secure your copy conveniently through Amazon, making the "Spirit of Spirits" accessible to a broader audience. Embark on a wallet-friendly adventure into Scotland's whisky heritage.
Text Only
Hardcover and Paperback Edition
Uncover the rich tapestry of Scotland's whisky heritage with the "Spirit of Spirits" Text-Only Edition. Presented in a convenient 15 x 23 cm (6 x 9 in) hardcover and paperback format, this edition offers a focused exploration with 296 pages.
Purely Literary Experience: Scheduled for release in March 2024, the Text-Only Edition caters to those captivated by the written word, providing an immersive journey into the history and allure of Scotch whisky.
Availability: This edition will be readily available on Amazon, ensuring a seamless ordering process for enthusiasts eager to delve into the literary depths of Scotland's whisky traditions.

Limited to the first 15 copies, each book is personally signed and numbered by the author and is accompanied by a 20 cl bottle of Highland single malt whisky from


Garanoir Red Wine Cask Finish
Cave de Genève ‘Belles Filles’
Cask Strength (57.6% ABV)
Natural Colour
Non-Chill Filtered 

The author oversaw the finishing of this single malt in his private dunnage warehouse. From a miniature 5-litre cask, only fifteen 20cl bottles emerged, the Angels claiming their generous share during the finishing process. 

Tasting Notes 

Nose: You can begin with the alluring scent of caramel entwined with the freshness of pears. Gradually, honeyed oranges emerge, accompanied by a hint of mellow wood. 

Mouth: The experience unfolds with an oily texture, offering the richness of black currant and sweet honey. Enter the delightful harmonies of red wine, sugary malt, and, once more, the warmth of the new wood. 

Finish: A lingering and indulgent finish unfolds, combining sweetness and vanilla wood in perfect harmony. 

Bottles are numbered, and pre-orders are now available exclusively from: 

La Cave des Poètes
Rue de Carouge 23
1205 Geneva – Switzerland
+41 78 215 99 96


30 x 21 cm (12 x 8 in)—Hardcover
456 pages, 246 photographs
200 gsm silk paper 

 Releasing March 2024 

 ISBN: 978-2-8399-4123-5

Embark on a captivating road trip through all of Scotland's whisky regions, including the enchanting Western Islands.

Come rain or shine, join J. Miguel Ferreira on an immersive eighteen-month musical journey across Scotland's breathtaking landscapes, exploring numerous renowned single malt distilleries. Along the way, delve into the epic history of Scotland's cherished firewater, tracing its evolution from secluded Highland glens to global acclaim. Gain insights into the whisky-making process and discover valuable tips on savouring its flavours.

Get ready to pack your umbrella and buckle up for an unforgettable adventure!

Text and Photography Budget-Friendly Edition

Presented in a 21 x 30 cm (8 x 12 in) hardcover format with 456 pages and 246 images, it will be available in March 2024 on Amazon.

Explore a rich tapestry of subjects, spanning from the reigns of Henry VIII and James IV to the influence of John Knox to intriguing topics like Hexastichum and Baudoinia compniacensis. Uncover historical events such as the Highland Clearances, delve into the clandestine world of whisky smuggling, and examine the impact of the temperance movement. Plunge on a fascinating journey through diverse narratives, all intricately connected to the world of the cratur.

The production of whisky
Scotch whisky in the world
Tasting whisky

This Text-Only Edition will be available on Amazon in a 15x23cm (6x9in) hardcover and paperback format with 296 pages in March 2024.

ISBN: 978-2-8399-4136-5

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