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Take a captivating journey with Exposure Books — a lively independent publishing house in Geneva's heart. More than just publishers, we are passionate creators and storytellers driven by the mesmerising impact of visual narratives.

Our goal is to curate exceptional fine-art photography books that enrich your visual experience. Join us in exploring the dynamic world of contemporary photography, where artistic expression meets compelling story craft, offering a unique blend of creativity and narrative flair.

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Our Vision
Immerse yourself in the world of visual storytelling, where each page unfolds a narrative, and every image is a work of art. Our vision is to be more than a publishing house; we are a platform that nurtures creativity, supports emerging artists, and brings exceptional photography into the hands of discerning enthusiasts.
Dive into the Extraordinary
Embark on a visual odyssey with Exposure Books. We invite you to explore, discover, and collect the extraordinary. Because every photograph tells a story, and every story deserves to be cherished.
Discover Our Collections
Explore our carefully curated collections, each thoughtfully designed to transport you to different realms of emotion and imagination. From retrospectives of renowned artists to series capturing the essence of a moment, our fine-art photography books redefine the boundaries of visual expression.
Commitment to Quality
We believe in the power of a beautifully crafted book. Our commitment to quality extends from the selection of photographers to the meticulous printing and finishing of each edition. When you hold a Exposure Books edition, you hold a piece of art.
Supporting Artists, Inspiring Collectors
Whether you're an artist seeking a platform for your work or a collector in search of the next captivating addition to your library, Exposure Books is here to celebrate the art of photography with you.
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